Do I need to sign up for class ahead of time?

Yes. Pre sign up is required due to COVID. Contact your teacher to find out specifics about sign up.  Please arrive a few minutes early to get aquatinted with the studio.

What if I can’t afford the price of a yoga class?

We have a scholarship fund.  Seva means selfless service, so we call it our seva fund. This account has been contributed to by other people in our community and the studio itself. We use it to help people pay for yoga. If you need a sliding scale, or some yoga “on the house” talk to Robin. We are happy to make it work for you.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga has many benefits including mental, physical and emotional aspects. People all over the world do yoga for many different reasons. It can help heal the body by; lowering blood pressure, creating strength, increasing flexibility, endurance, and even increasing bone density. It can help calm the mind using such techniques as pranayama (or breathing exercises), and meditation to reduce stress.

Yoga is a very ancient practice and has many levels of wisdom and healing. Once you begin to practice yoga, you will start to see the benefits in yourself. Yay yoga!

What do I wear to class?

Clothing should be comfortable and easy to move in. You can practice in anything, just make sure it does not inhibit your range of motion. Traditionally, yoga is done bare foot.Please wear a mask if you are unvaccinated.

What do I need to bring to class?

  • yoga mat
  • towel (optional)
  • any props you may want. We no longer have public props available. (blocks, blanket, bolsters etc.)
  • water
  • comfortable clothing
  • a mask

What if I do not have a yoga mat?

We have rental mats available. Your first rental is free. After that there is a $3.00 rental fee, to pay for the cost of washing the mats.

What if I am pregnant?

We do not currently offer regular prenatal yoga. However we do offer a pre-natal series occasionally.  Yoga can be dangerous for you and the baby if not done properly, so we want to make sure you are both safe and happy. Please contact us if you are interested in prenatal yoga and we can help you find the right teacher to help you stay safe while you practice. Each Individual situation is different. Please contact Robin for more information.

Can I participate if I am under 18? 

We offer yoga to all ages, however, anyone under the age of 18 needs a parent or guardian signature for our waiver. Ages 15 and up can come alone, after the waiver has been signed. please contact Robin for more information.

I am new to Yoga, what should I expect?

If you are new to the concept of yoga, please fell free to contact us. We offer lessons that are accessible to anyone. If you have questions about what we do, what yoga is, or anything related to the practice, don’t hesitate to ask.  This practice does not exclude based on size, shape, sex, class, race or religion; it is a way for you to move further on your spiritual path, whatever that my be for you. It can also be a fun and interesting way to exercise and gain body awareness. If you have never tried yoga, come for a class and give it a try. It can have a healing effect on the body and the mind.

River lotus Yoga etiquette:

1. Please arrive on time or early (if late, sit quietly and wait to set up until asana begins), and plan on staying for the whole class ( if it is necessary to leave early let the instructor know before class starts).
2. Listen to the teacher’s instruction.
3. Treat other practitioners with respect.
4. Please turn off all electronic devices.
5. Respect your body and yourself.
6. Keep an open heart and mind, and have fun!


COVID response: To our River Lotus Yoga Kula (5/17/21):

Yoga classes will be held, private and group lessons offered, and Robin will begin offering massage sessions by appointment. We have permission offer massage (therapist and client will be wearing masks at all times), and to hold indoor classes with the following guidelines:

If you feel sick, pease go home and rest 🙂

Indoors, wear a mask only if you are unvaccinated, or less than 80% of the group is unvaccinated.

When applicable, our Yoga Practices will be modified to account for mask wearing. As teachers we will make sure and alter our sequencing to help everyone breathe easy. 😉

Maintain social distance when possible.

There are no more community props, please bring your own if you need them, rental mats are still available for a small fee.

In the studio at RLY: limit of 10 participates per class. Pre-registration is NOT required, but it is recommended. Mat spaces will be marked (You can set up closer to your “family groups” if you like)Windows will be open, when possible, for air flow.

At CCHS and the Royal Gorge Mansion: maintain 6 foot distance, no preregistration requirement, no limit to # of participants, no mask requirements.

COVID response

Please read all COVID  guidelines before attending an event or scheduling a session at RLY.  Help  us keep our Kula safe.



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