Robin (co-founder, E-RYT 500, CMT) and Justin (co-founder, E-RYT 500)

Robin ( Māhā Devī )has been in the bodywork profession here in Cañon City for years through her massage business, the Healing Oasis. Promoting health and well-being in Cañon City has been her goal all along. Yoga has become a part of this goal. She attended both her 200 and 500 hour classes at Pranava Yoga Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Enjoying the benefit of learning from Mike and Charlotte Matsumura and the many guest instructors they brought in, including Manaorma, Giselle Mari and Hansa to name a few. “Practicing yoga brings joy and freedom to my life, and who wouldn’t want to share that!” She will always be grateful to her teachers for giving her the tools to share the practice of yoga. Robin loves getting outside and experiencing all that Cañon City has to offer. In addition to her yoga options, Robin also offers certified massage therapy.


Justin got introduced to yoga and it quickly became a passion. Being physically active has always been a part of his life. He enjoys the many outdoor activities Cañon City has to offer; kayaking, rafting, hiking, climbing, and biking. He has lived here in Cañon City since 2004 and has come to love this town. After graduating from the Pranava Teacher Training Program in Colorado Springs,Colorado, spreading the joy and benefits of yoga has become a big part of his life. He is now a 500 hour certified teacher and is forever grateful to all the teachers that helped him along this path. He has a great enthusiasm for yoga and brings a light-hearted attitude to his classes. “Yoga is fun!”



Robin and Justin: 719-821-1241.

Payment information:

Robin and Justin accept cash, checks (made out to River Lotus Yoga) and credit cards. Credit card payments can be made in person, with an emailed invoice,  or online by clicking here.

All open Yoga class fees are pre-pay and non-refundable.

Price list:

  • $3.00 mat rental fee
  • $8.00 zoom class (live or recorded. classes can be sent via email after the class, or taken live with the in person group)
  • $10.00 one open yoga class
  • $45.00 30min private yoga lesson, or private group lesson (up to 6 people) at RLY
  • $60.00 75 min private yoga lesson, or private group lesson (up to 6 people) at RLY
  • $75.00 75 min private yoga lesson, or private group lesson at another location (# of people determined by the size of the space.)
  • $108.00 2 hour private lesson, or private group lesson (up to 6 people) at RLY
  • $125.00  2 hour private lesson, or private group lesson (up to 6 people) at another location (# of people determined by the size of the space.)
  • Sliding Scale pricing and Scholarship funding is available for all yoga classes.
  • $75.00 1 hour massage
  • $115.00 90 min. massage

Massage:  Certified Massage Therapy:

Contact Robin to set up you appointment.  

Yoga : Workshops, Series, Private Individual Lessons, and Private Group lessons:

All our class will be offered in one of 4 ways for now. We can offer classes online through zoom,  in person at the studio, or in person at a private location. We will offer series and workshops on different topics through out the year at the studio. Listed below are the types of private lessons available.  In a private lesson you will receive one on one attention from the teacher.  You can specify what you want to learn and what you want to get out of the lesson. This is a great way to work on setting up a home practice, healing an injury or advancing your practice. You can also book a  private group lesson (up to 6 people) where you and a family group or a group of friends can schedule a class together. This can make it more fun and of course more affordable.  (also, if you come with your household members, you can remove your masks during practice). When you book a lesson (for an individual or a group) you can choose a type from the list, or create a custom yoga plan. You can use this set up to create a schedule that works for you. We can offer a one time lesson or set up a recurring schedule. To schedule your lesson, call or email Robin.

Types of yoga lessons available:

Yoga Foundations

This is perfect for students that are new to yoga.  You will have the opportunity to “workshop” specific poses and yogic ideas. It is a place to ask questions and discuss the details of the practice. There is less flow, or quick movement, and more focus on alignment of foundational poses. You will also get some information on the foundational aspects of yogic philosophy and the 8 limbs of the yoga practice. This can also be great for a seasoned practitioner, allowing you to ask questions and dive into the details of the practice.

Align and Focus

This is great class for people who want a more detailed practice. If you are physically active and new to yoga this class will work well for you. Working on alignment will set you up with a great foundation in yoga. It can also be helpful to the seasoned practitioner, as it will give you a chance to work on the details of your practice.

Breathe and Flow

This style will work matter what your experience with yoga is. Whether you are new to yoga,  or you have been practicing for a long time, we hope you will feel comfortable taking these classes.  Working with the breath and the vinyasa style of movement, these classes will help you start to play with your practice. This class is a little faster paced, and you will be offered more variations in the poses.

Raja Yoga 

This sequence is fun and challenging. The sequencing is inspired by our teacher, Mike Matsumura aka Sadhu Om.  It is geared towards advancing your practice, by allowing time for challenging  variations during asana (posture) practice. We also work on different pranayama (breath work) and kirtan (chanting) practices.  It is a little more challenging than our other classes, but as always anyone is welcome. If you are an athletic person and you want a challenge, or you are looking to dive into the deep end of your yoga practice, this is the class for you!

Relax and Restore

Sometimes we need to move slow and take it easy. This type of yoga is a great way to unwind and destress. Our intention is to make the physical practice accessible to anyone.   If you are new to yoga, you want to treat yourself to a gentle practice, or you need time and space to take care of your body, this is for you. We will move slowly and do more work on the floor. Using props, we will work on making the postures accessible. We hope you leave this classes feeling renewed.

COVID response

Please read all COVID  guidelines before attending an event or scheduling a session at RLY.  Help  us keep our Kula safe.


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