Sherry Skye Stuart (ERYT 200)

“Yoga has given me clarity, strength, and flexibility, as well as healing from trauma. I believe yoga is perfect for every body, age, size and ability. Yoga is not a competitive sport nor is it an athletic competition. We need Gentle yoga and Yin yoga to allow ourselves to find stillness, to release tension and to practice Ahimsa (self-compassion). Yoga means connection – mind, body and soul, and that’s what happens when you step onto your mat. You begin to connect with all of yourself, in a profound way. I firmly adhere to the Yoga Sutra that states ‘No effort is ever wasted’.”
Sherry completed her 200 ERYT training from Pranava Yoga in Colorado Springs. She is also a “Yoga for All” certified teacher who infuses body positivity into her yoga classes by using props, variations and modifications. In addition, Sherry is a certified Yin Yoga teacher and a Reiki Level One practitioner.

Off the mat, Sherry is a writer, author, local historian and an avid reader of all things enlightening. She loves libraries and museums, photo documenting and hiking to historic ruins, and relishes wide open mountain views. Her ultimate goal is to be practicing and teaching yoga at the age of one-hundred. In addition to her classes, Sherry also offers Private yoga lessons, and In Class Privates at River Lotus yoga. Click here for more information.

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