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img_3883Every year in December we focus on Seva or selfies service. (to see my other blogs about it click here) It has become our winter tradition at River Lotus Yoga.

“The Simple Path, Silence is Prayer, Prayer is Faith, Faith is Love, Love is Service, The Fruit of Service is Peace”

― Mother Teresa

The fruit of service is peace. When I read this quote I tend to focus on that statement. It could mean peace of mind or even world peace. By participating in Seva or self less service, can we bring about peace? I’ve always believed that any thing worth having is worth working for. But how do we work towards peace? How do we as individuals make a difference? Seva or selfless service comes from the root word, sev, meaning to “attend” or “to go towards”. So here is my question to myself and to you as we enter into the holiday season and a new year approaches; How can we move towards peace?  I believe that little steps in the right direction can effect change. Small moments of kindness towards others. Simple ways to cultivate peace of mind for yourself. Little things that can add up to a lot.  Find some small way to help your fellow humans this year. Reach out and interact with the world around you. Start to work towards peace.  Talking about philosophy it means nothing if we never act.

“Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory.” Sri Krishna Pattabh Jois

What can you do to practice inner peace? the internal world is sometimes a perfect mirror of the external and vice versa.  If we have inner turmoil, unrest and discomfort it is important to address these issues too. It will be hard for a world full of unsettled, restless individuals to find peace in their community.  Learning how to find your own inner calm is a great way to work towards peace. Meditation, yoga, and many other practices can help us on our path. However you must put in the effort to achieve it. Practice, Practice , Practice. Remember that it takes time and some days will be better than others, but take that first step. work towards peace. Spend more time building up what you love rather than tearing down what you “hate”. Consciously work towards peace, and see what happens!

love and light, Robin

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