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ganesha_riding_a_mouse_wq03Ganesh, the elephant headed hindu deity, is often associated with new beginnings. With our studio moving to a new space, it seems appropriate to honor him. September 5th also happens to be Ganesh Chaturthi the day he is celebrated in India. He is the remover of obstacles in your spiritual path. He is said to be the ruler of the muladara (root) chakra.  He is the guardian of love and beauty, as well as being credited with scribing the Vedic texts with his tusk. There are many wonderful stories involving Ganesh. These stories describe him as a fun and interesting character.  For example, he loves sweets and rides around on a mouse.  In most images of him we see certain objects, including Vhana his mouse. If you look at the image below you can start to see the many things he represents. He can help us keep our desires under control, and help us to let go of attachment. In this way he becomes a very appropriate helper for the yogi in training. Sometimes new beginnings can be challenging. We resist change and let our attachments to the past keep us from dreaming big and moving towards our goals. Using his image or a mantra about him can be a way to bring your focus back to your spiritual path. To help you listen to your own truth, instead of letting fear get in your way.  Ganesh reminds us to find the sweetness in life. To remember that sometimes the best is yet to come. You do not have to be a Hindu or religious at all to see the benefit of concentrating on the qualities Ganesh represents.

dscn012555“Ganesha shadanam, shadanam Ganesha.” translation: I seek refuge in Ganesh the guardian of love and beauty, the remover of obstacles (a chant or mantra for Ganesh)

When we opened our studio almost 5 years ago Justin and I never thought we would see so mush support from the community. We have been so blessed already, and now we have an opportunity to grow our studio. I hope that as we start this new chapter together, we can take some advice from Ganesh; to think big, and keep walking our spiritual path.  As we move to the new space we take with us all the great community and yoga vibes we have built together so far, and hope for more wonderful things to come. Thank you to everyone who has been or will be a part of our studio, and yoga community.  “may the power of lord Ganesha destroy your sorrows, enhance your happiness, and create goodness all around you! “ common greeting on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi in India.

~love and light, Robin

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