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Ganesh and New Beginnings

Ganesh, the elephant headed hindu deity, is often associated with new beginnings. With our studio moving to a new space, it seems appropriate to honor him. September 5th also happens to be Ganesh Chaturthi the day he is celebrated in India. He is the remover of obstacles in your spiritual path. He is said to


“When at peace and content with oneself and others, Santosha, supreme joy is celebrated” -sutra 11.42 translated by Nischala Joy Devi “Content with an ordinary life you can show all people the way back to their own true nature”-Lao-tzu This month we will be focusing on Santosha. This is one of our Niyama’s and the

Remembering the Self

“Consciousness is elevated by Abyasa (devoted practice) and Vairagya (remembering the Self).” -Nischala Joy Devi This month we are once again focusing on Vairagya or Non-Attachemt. I have two other entries about this subject (click here to view #1) (click here to view #2). I feel like the essence of this concept is letting go.

Yoga History

Yoga has a long and deep history. Full of inspirational stories and amazing people. When I first looked into the history of yoga I was surprised at how far back it actually goes. In fact some evidence of the practice goes as far back as 3,500 years. There are carvings and depictions of yoga poses

Prana, Chakras, and Nadi’s….(oh my!)

“Enlightenment is blossoming the thousand petaled lotus flower on the top of the head.” Amit Ray In yoga we talk a lot about the breath. Each inhale and each exhale during your practice can be an opportunity. The breath is a great point of focus during asana or meditation. Focusing on the breath can even make

Hatha Yoga Pradipika: Part Two

Last time I wrote about the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, I gave a general explanation of the book as a whole. (click here to read) This time I wanted to focus on what it has to say about asana (posture practice). Unlike the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, asana is one of the first things discussed in

Nada yoga and chanting om

What is Nāda yoga? Have you ever heard this term before? It may be something new and unknown. However if you practice yoga you have probably chanted om. Om is a representation of the underlying vibration in the universe, or the nādum.  Nāda yoga is union through sound vibration. We chant om in our classes

The Bhagavad Gita: Part Two

The Bhagavad Gita is an inspiration to many. In my last blog about this text (click here to view), I discussed the book in general.  It is respected and studied by many people of different religions, and cultures.  I want to focus on a particular chapter this time, chapter 6: the practice of meditation.  The

Vairagya: part two

Last month we talked about Sadhana, and the concept of cultivating a practice. In the yoga sutra of Patanjali, practice is usually accompanied by non-attachment. I wrote about the definition and my perception of this concept last year (click here to see the blog entry). This time I wanted to discuss the Yoga Sutras. I


“Put you heart, mind, intellect and soul even into your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.” Swami Sivananda  “Yoga is 99 percent practice and one percent theory.” Sri Pattabhi Jois For the last two years we have talked about Sadhana in January. (click here to see the last two entries) This year I


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