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The last two months we have looked at the forces of transformation and creation. This month we will look at the force of preservation. This piece of the Hindu trinity is represented by Vishnu and Lakshmi.  The middle stage of the cycle can bring order and comfort, patience and perseverance. It is also where we


 “All the works of man have their origin in creative fantasy. What right have we then to depreciate imagination.” Carl Jung Last month we talked about transformation and change. In the cycle represented by the hindu trinity, the next step is creation. We are all given creative power. Our minds create all the time, and


“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” ~ Gandhi Transformation. When you read that word what do you think of? I get images of a phoenix rising from the flames, a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, and silly toy robots that turn into cars. When I think of yoga and how

Sadhana 2017

Sadhana means spiritual practice, or a dedication to an aim.  How do you connect to you? How do you practice yoga or union? Anything done regularly with devotion can be a Sadhana. (for more information click here)  You don’t have to be religious to have a sadhana, it’s about connecting with yourself. In yoga we

Raga and Devesha or Attachment and Aversion

“A feeling of aversion or attachment toward something is your clue that there’s work to be done.” –Ram Dass Raga and Devesha, or in english, attachment and aversion. As Humans we spend our whole lives cultivating likes and dislikes. It helps us to stay safe and healthy. It can help us identify who we are


“We must make a connection with ourselves and others through reverence” Manorama  This month we wanted to focus on Namo, a sanskrit word meaning I bow, homage, reverence or respect. We had the pleasure of taking our yoga teachers in training to see Manorama. She is a sanskrit teacher and a great inspiration to me.

Ānanda 2017

“….the bliss sheath, made up of pure joyous awareness.” -The Upanishads Ananda, or bliss in Sanskrit, is a part of our yoga practice. Last time I talked about it I covered the basic meaning (click here to read). This time around I wanted to mention the concept of the Anandamaya Kosha, the bliss or awareness

Seva 2016

Every year in December we focus on Seva or selfies service. (to see my other blogs about it click here) It has become our winter tradition at River Lotus Yoga. “The Simple Path, Silence is Prayer, Prayer is Faith, Faith is Love, Love is Service, The Fruit of Service is Peace” ― Mother Teresa The


Dharana is the 6th limb of yoga. It means concentration, or focus. Dharana is a large piece of creating a deeper relationship with your yoga practice. Yoga can be described as a practice in cultivating awareness. The deeper your ability to focus, the more awareness you gain. We practice Dharana as a way to work


“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” ― Mother Teresa Ahimsa translates as  non-harming. This concept includes compassion, reverence, and love.   Lately I have been thinking about this concept a lot. We live in a world that is constantly pointing out our

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